All treatments are intended to reduce tension, improve circulation, eliminate soreness,
and provide relaxation. Your therapist will help you select the massage best suited for your needs.

Therapeutic Target Massage
Perfect when you have an area of tension that needs
relief. Allows you to choose the area and massage
technique you prefer.

30 MIN $45 AND UP
Swedish Massage
This classic, full body massage eases muscle aches
and tension, improving circulation to create a relaxed
state of well being
60 MIN $75
75 MIN $90
90 MIN $105
Deep Tissue
A more intense pressure to release tension in the muscles, relieve aches and pains, and increase flexibility.
60 MIN $88
75 MIN $100
90 MIN $115
Hot Stone Massage
Renowned for its healing and relaxing properties utilizing heated basalt river-worn stones to rejuvenate and soothe the body and mind.
60 MIN $90
75 MIN $105
90 MIN $120
Mom-to-be Massage
Relieves many of the discomforts during pregnancy
such as backaches, stiff neck, tired and sore legs and feet. There's no better way to care for yourself at this special time in your life.
60 MIN $80
A 4,000 year old technique that focuses on the reflex
points on the feet. Effective in reducing pain, alleviating
stress and tension, improving circulation, stimulating the digestive system, and eliminating toxins from the body.
30 MIN $40
45 MIN $60

Enhancements For Massage Therapy

Can be added to any massage to help target and improve
a specific area or simply add to your relaxation experience.

Aromatherapy Oil
Choose your own aromatherapy oil to help achieve a
more calming or revitalizing state of mind and body.
Hot Towels
Helps to increase muscle and joint relaxation to
allow better results to a tense or sore area.
30 minutes that focuses on reflex points on the
feet to help reduce pain and alleviate stress